Lithography: Portrait of Pitor Ilyich Tchaikovsky

                  How all‘s to one thing wrought!

I Was Introduced to this quote from Gerard Manley Hopkins by one of my greatest teachers: the late, great musicologist, Douglass M. Green. It’s a favorite quote because, for me—in one great, exuberant, brief swoop—Hopkins captures the underlying truth that binds all human creativity: that invention, technique, and their union are all governed and bound by the same fundamental principles and forces regardless of medium, venue, or time.

In this way, I find the joinery of a beautifully made drawer, the intentional composition of an elegantly balanced Plant Community, the successful employ of Sonata Form, or the evocation and transcendence of inspired fine art, all to be more alike than different. Despite starke contrasts between and among mediums, materials, and expressions, to me, they’re more alike than different. Subsequently, I find making making all kinds of things fulfilling and deeply satisfying. 

I consider it more avocation than vocation, but I very much enjoy working in fine art and artisan mediums. I created this portrait (left) of the great Russian Romantic composer, Pitor Tchaikovsky, as a tribute in honor of my deep admiration of his humanity and extraordinary talent. I included the Master’s personal signature as an epilogue to my portrait. This work is a limited edition of 250 lithograph prints.





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