Site Design and The Power of Graphics

The Many Advantages that digital graphics have over hand graphics have made them an architectural standard and, therefore, the overall prefered graphic style in the architectural industry. Nevertheless, when hand graphics are well done, for many, they evoke undeniable artistic appeal, which are unique that is undeniable power. Personally, I enjoy working in both digital and “analogue” mediums, and I’m pleased to offer my clients graphics in both styles.

To the right is my schematic design for an urban destination park, which I realized in one of my most favorite graphic mediums: India ink. For me, release from the tyranny of garish color, which so often characterizes architectural graphics, is a visual relief. Further, I find the confinement of black and white liberating and uniquely and highly effective for clarifying design intent and structure.

Unfortunately, another architect won this competition and, subsequently, another architect’s design was chosen for this park.

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