Urban Green

A retail store in Greenville requested design services to “green up” the unwelcome hardscape engulfing their building and to create a transition from their harsh parking lot to their pedestrian area.

Redesigning the layout and hardscape wasn’t possible, and neither was ground planting. Subsequently, the design challenge that emerged clear after careful study was: “how do I fulfill this program without resorting to ‘defensive’ design?” Fortunately, this client had wonderful maintenance services and a robust budget, which made exceptional materials and an exceptionally rich plant palette possible.

I designed corten planters and an extravagant flora palette for this project, neither of which would have been possible with a leaner budget. Upon completion, the business was buffered from the parking lot without being “walled off,” and the transition from the parking lot to the pedestrian area was clearly defined yet “soft” and welcoming. The result demonstrated the utility, value, and importance of quality design.

The plant palette features ‘Elephant Ears’ (Alocasia x amazonica), ‘Luna White Hibiscus’ (Hibiscus moscheutos), ‘Coleus’ (Plectranthus Scutellarioides), ‘Million Bells’ (Calibrachoa parviflora), ‘Zinnias’ (Zinnia x), ‘Snapdragons’ (Antirrhinum majus), and ‘Lantana’ (Lantana camara).


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