Absolutely everything about plants fascinates me. Their lives are crazy, their sex is insane, their energy production is science fiction, their biology is nuts, their architectural forms are mind-blowing, and they literally make life on Earth possible … and that’s to mention only a few of the amazing things about plants!

I studied horticultural science at North Carolina State University with the esteemed plant breeder, Dennis Werner, and I consider him to be one of my great teachers. Dr. Werner helped me strengthen my understanding and appreciation of plants, and I owe him a debt of gratitude for generously sharing his time, knowledge, and talent with me.

I’m neither a horticulturalist nor a botanist, but I’m a fairly skilled “plantsman.” My love for plants is not only an important part of my work in both music and landscape, it’s also one of my greatest joys. I take tremendous satisfaction in growing and caring for plants. I’m especially keen on plant propagation — through cuttings, rootings, stooling, grafting, air-laying, etc. — and I have special love for planting design. I’ve developed specialization in “plant community” design, which stems from my admiration for the work of J. Philip Grime, Richard Hanson, and Friedrich Stahl.


Selections from my work in music, landscape, design, and ecology

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