Little Barn & Garden

I’m a “nester” at heart, even though I love traveling and seeing new things. I’ve envied “homesteaders” all my life, even as I’ve fought my instincts to retreat from the world. This internal conflict has resulted in me, a “nester,” having roamed nearly all my life.

My parents’ home in North Carolina has been a rampart in my wandering. They very generously allowed me to build a little barn at the edge of their property so that I could have dependable, long-term storage. That’s how The Little Barn came to be. I built it with a gambrel roof because I wanted a classic look, and I thought it would be fun to build. I’m not a skilled framer or carpenter, so I made a lot of mistakes, but I had fun and I learned a lot, and I ended up with a sturdy little barn.

The area around The Little Barn has gradually become home to the many wonderful plants that I’ve been unsuccessful in talking myself out of collecting over the years. (The legitimate rationale against my collecting being that I don’t have a place for plants.) So by proxy, I ended up with a Little Barn Garden, too! It’s my horticultural playground: a place for cuttings, rootings, and grafts; a place for trial beds and experiments with seeds, plants, and plant communities.


Selections from my work in music, landscape, design, and ecology

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