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The American Musicianship Suite™

The American Musicianship Suite™
The American Musicianship Suite™ is a non-profit musicianship program for pre-collegiate students, which integrates ear-training, music theory, music history, and music appreciation in eight cumulative volumes. The work is available to schools, arts programs, and educational organizations though licensure. The American Musicianship Suite™ resulted from my many years spent teaching an array of musical disciplines to exceptionally diverse students in a wide range of venues. I had been creating materials for cultivating well-rounded musicianship with my students for decades — mostly because I had a hard time finding effective existing materials — and colleagues increasingly asked for copies of the things that I made. Consequently, I gradually organized, reworked, and expanded my teaching materials into two large-scale, formal works: The Sayre Series™ and The American Musicianship Suite™. The American Musicianship Suite’s quality, domestic origin, non-profit status, and distinct pedagogical approach make it unique, and uniquely valuable, among similarly directed programs, but the work is largely unknown. High-profile brands with sophisticated marketing and funding have, more or less, “sewn up the market” for such a curriculum. Largely due to this, I “mothballed” the work and decided against investing energy and time into promoting it. Consequently, The American Musicianship Suite™ now seems fated to obscurity and, eventually, oblivion. Nevertheless, I set out to create a comprehensive, domestic, non-profit musicianship curriculum of unparalleled quality for pre collegiate American students. Despite the work’s obscurity and subsequent failure, I did my part.

The American Musicianship Suite™ is a non-profit educational organization that establishes a comprehensive musicianship curriculum for quality musicianship study in The United States of America. It effectively fills the pressing need for a domestic non-profit national program that standardizes serious pre-collegiate musicianship in The United States.

The American Musicianship Suite™ provides a rigorously cumulative and meticulously graduated, unbroken path for progressing from a rudimentary beginning to a highly sophisticated level of musical skill and awareness. It offers a powerful arts continuum that can bridge and enhance a wide range of pedagogical needs, and it is organized so that it may be adapted to various programs of study. The American Musicianship Suite provides teachers with unprecedented structure and clarity in teaching musicianship, and it supplies objective measurements of student achievement.

  1. Integrated presentation of the materials of music
  2. Organic growth of awareness and skill methodically cultivated over time
  3. Active, synergistic engagement and reinforcement through multiple, varied stimuli

The American Musicianship Suite™ is a comprehensive musicianship program integrating ear-training, music theory, music history, and music appreciation for serious pre-collegiate musical study. It is the quintessential ready-made course for systematically, formally and effectively cultivating the skills and awareness that comprise basic musicianship and musical literacy while developing awareness of musical style, history, and repertoire. The American Musicianship Suite™ is comprised of two parts — Part One: Beginning Musicianship™ and Part Two: Advanced Musicianship™.


Selections from my work in music, landscape, design, and ecology

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